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Falguni’s engagement shooting at MuTianYu Great Wall


Like many couples, the Falguni couple from Sydney like to take pictures of lovers in places of interest around the world. They are especially fond of the Great Wall,dream of couples photography on the Great Wall. In order to enjoy the sunrise and sunset of the MuTainYu Great Wall, they specially stayed at the Brick Yard Retreat near the Great Wall in Mutianyu. Then we had a close discussion on the shooting plan, they said they love my freestyle photo style very much, which was the key reason they chosen me as the photographer.

Before they reached the Great Wall, they talked excitedly and told me how much they expected to take this photo. Although it was late autumn, they still wore the clothes specially prepared in spite of the cold. Falguni climbed the Great Wall in high-heeled shoes all the way, she attracted a lot of admiring glances. It’s very happy to add a happy memory to their love journey.

同众多情侣一样,来自悉尼的Falguni夫妇喜欢在世界各地的名胜古迹拍摄情侣写真,他们尤其对长城情有独钟,梦想着能在长城上拍摄情侣写真。为了欣赏长城的日出日落,他们特意住在慕田峪长城附近#瓦厂酒店##Brickyard Retreat#

So excited to receive my 6th Lifestyle Photography Award of LSPA (Lifestyle Photographers Association)



Beijing MuTianYu Great Wall:http://www.mutianyugreatwall.com

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