\"Happiness is not something you experience, it is something you remember. \" —— Oscar Levant

Engagement shooting at Peking University

The memory of Peking University 120th anniversary.

In order to prepare for the upcoming wedding, JungHyun, a bride to be from South Korea, specially arranged to take photos of lovers in Peking University campus where she met and fell in love with her fiance. Before that, they had taken some photos in Hong Kong and Seoul, but JungHyun thought that the photos I took for them were the most satisfactory to her.

Although it’s not uncommon to take pre-wedding or engagement photos of lovers on campus in Beijing, perhaps just as JungHyun said, only those photos that show real feelings and nature will be impressive, which is the greatest charm of lifestyle photography.



Another engagement shooting: https://vincentma.cn/memory_beijing_hutong.html

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  1. You are amazing! Your photos are different from other typical photos. Thank you so much!!!!!
    There are so many favorites but definitely the one that he lifted me inside the hole. That one is the best photo in my life!

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