\"Happiness is not something you experience, it is something you remember. \" —— Oscar Levant

Award Winning Beijing Documentary Photographer

"Happiness isn't something you experience; it's something you remember." so wrote pianist Oscar Levant, and photos are undoubtedly one of the best carriers of memory. I've been in photography since I was a kid, on a plastic film camera,  I was so excited to see the result that I opened the filmback before development, so my first work turned out to be pure blank, it taught me that how important the patience is for photography, the patience for the best mood, the best composition and light, it's the best moment. I photographed my first wedding for my friends way back in 2006, they loved the photos and recommended me to their friends and it snowballed from there, in 2019 I've shot more than 300 weddings, I find the documentary photography fascinating, sometimes frustrating, other times rewarding but always very memorable.

Top 30 Wedding Photographer in China of 2020 - WPJA

Top 100 Lifestyle Photographer of 2019 - LSP

Master Piece Awards - WPJA

Diamond Awards - WPJA

Best of China Awards - Fearless

"Lifestyle & Storytelling"

My approach is to feel and document the raw emotion of the day, create a relaxed atmosphere for my clients to live in the moment while also looking for movement in a creative and unobtrusive way when at all possible. My style includes bold and colorful photos that give you a sense of place with a mix of documented moments that will bring you back to the emotion of your day. Heavily photojournalism driven, I believe it is more important to tell your story as it unfolds naturally. Read more about my approach

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