\"Happiness is not something you experience, it is something you remember. \" —— Oscar Levant

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Falguni’s engagement shooting at MuTianYu Great Wall

Falguni & Dhruvin’s engagement shooting at MuTianYu Great Wall

Engagement shooting at Forbidden City

The Forbidden City (GuGong),  which belongs to the couple only, enjoy the peace […]

北京古风写真 北京约拍 古北水镇

中国古装写真@古北水镇 Ancient Chinese Costume at GuBei Water Town

中国古风情侣写真 古北水镇 北京约拍 Chinese ancient costume Ricky & Rachel love Chinese ancie […]

Engagement shooting at Peking University

Jung & LiYang’s engagement shooting at Peking University.

The Memory of Beijing Hutong

Thao and Brendan love Beijing very much, they’d like to preserve the memory of Beijing hutong.