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中国古装写真@古北水镇 Ancient Chinese Costume at GuBei Water Town

北京古风写真 北京约拍 古北水镇

中国古风情侣写真 古北水镇 北京约拍 Chinese ancient costume

Ricky & Rachel love Chinese ancient costume photography so much, so when they asked me for the photo session at Gubei water town in Beijing, right several days after their fantastic Chinese style wedding(See their wedding), I felt no surprise and accepted without hesitation. They wear their own prepared Hanfu and matching headwear, just like their wedding looks, so we have a series of interesting photos.

Ricky & Rachel对中国古风情侣写真十分痴迷,以至于在他们颇具特色的中国古风传统婚礼之后没几天,便邀请我为他们在古北水镇拍一组古风写真。

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