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Milly&Kalan紫云轩巴哈伊教婚礼(仪式篇)Baha’i wedding at Green T. House (Ceremony)

Beijing wedding photographer 婚礼纪实摄影 紫云轩茶事西式婚礼

The couples

The first time I met the new couple of this wedding was in a 798 restaurant in Beijing. The background of their growth is not simple. Kalan, the groom, is a Bermuda (UK) American hybrid, born in Papua New Guinea, grew up in Pakistan, Israel, Albania, Italy and the Philippines. Amelia, the bride, is Persian, born in Hong Kong, grew up in China Mainland. For new people with such a complex life background, which cultural tradition should they choose as the wedding theme? The answer is none of them, because they want to have a wedding that doesn’t belong to any kind of cultural gene. They think that those weddings with luxurious dresses and luxurious cloth but passing by according to the book are not attractive to them.


The wedding ideas

So they decided to use mint green, cream and gold as the keynote of the wedding, with a ceremony process based on recitation, blessing and exchange of wedding vows as the main part of the wedding (because they are all Baha’is (an old religion founded in the middle of the 19th century), accompanied by buffet full of delicious Persian food, warm family party and Happy dance, let me experience the strong family atmosphere and unrestrained enthusiasm of Westerners.


It was a wedding in which the whole family participated, and each family member contributed his intelligence. The cake was designed by Amelia’s mother and decorated with peony flowers. Kalan’s mother helped find and decorate the wedding venue, which the two families spent the whole day. Amelia’s cousin, a graphic designer, designed invitations and flow sheets.

Amelia’s sister made the table card and provided support. Kalan’s sister is a singer. She sang at the wedding and acted as the host of the party. Kalan’s other sister produced a slide show at the party about their childhood and the scene of proposing. Another cousin of Amelia is responsible for guiding the guests to use Polaroid instant camera to take photos and made check-in cards. Even Amelia’s younger sister, who is less than 10 years old, also helped in every link. The whole family devoted so much energy and effort. It was undoubtedly a valuable treasure for the new couple!




Family tree

The new couple hang pictures of their parents, grandparents and their loved ones on the tree, which they thought can express their respect for their ancestors in the family and got the blessing of their relatives who couldn’t visit the scene in person. The new couple especially likes to take photos with their parents when they are married. So an idea popped up to my mind, why not take some photos with the same actions as the people in the photos, as if time and space travel through: P

“家族树”-新人把双方父母、祖父母和他们爱的人的照片挂在树上,他们认为这样即可以表达对那些家族中的先人的尊敬又可以得到那些无法亲临现场的亲人的祝福。新人特别喜欢与他们父母结婚时拍摄的照片合影,我灵机一动,何不拍一些和照片里的人物一样动作的照片,好像时空穿越 😛

Grandmother’s gift

Amilia would like to choose a special and meaningful dress as her wedding dress, so when the bride’s mother showed her the gift that her great grandmother wore at her wedding in 1900, Amilia was shocked – it was so beautiful! The fabric is made of pure gold decorative materials with complex patterns by hand. Amelia made her wedding dress with a little modification.


Beijing wedding photographer 婚礼纪实摄影 紫云轩茶事西式婚礼


Beijing wedding photographer 婚礼纪实摄影 紫云轩茶事西式婚礼

Against the backdrop of melodious background music, both parents appeared in turn from the stairs to enter the venue.


The bride’s parents may have taken the wrong route due to their nervousness when entering the venue. Some of them were embarrassed. The guests responded with relaxed laughter and applause, and the atmosphere suddenly relaxed a lot.


The main process of the ceremony is the guest’s message, prayer and recitation accompanied by elegant music. It is solemn, ethereal and warm. At that moment, you must feel calm in your heart.



New people pay great attention to the atmosphere of ceremony and don’t want to be damaged by the shutter sound of the camera. Therefore, when rehearsing, they always emphasize with us that during the ceremony, especially when praying, there must be no sound or even no shooting! So in the ceremony, for the first time, I opened the “silent sniper” mode – open the camera’s shutter mute function, use the telephoto lens, wrap the camera with clothes, take pictures carefully from a distance (30 meters away) to minimize the sound, I’m afraid that the sound of my heartbeat can cover the shutter sound. Although meeting the requirements of the guests, it’s a pity to miss many wonderful moments!

新人非常注重仪式的氛围,不希望被相机的快门声破坏,因此彩排的时候就不断和我们强调,仪式环节特别是祷告时,一定不要发出声响,甚至可以不拍!所以在仪式中,我第一次开启了“ 静音狙击  ”模式——打开相机的快门静音功能,使用长焦镜头,用衣服包裹住相机,从远处(30米开外)小心翼翼地拍摄,把声响降到最低,恐怕自己心跳的声音都能盖过快门声。虽然满足了客人的要求,但错过了不少精彩的瞬间,实在是一大遗憾啊!

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