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Milly&Kalan紫云轩巴哈伊教婚礼(晚宴篇) Baha’i wedding at Green T. House (Dinner)

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When the guests started enjoying the buffet, it suddenly rained, so people ran into the hall to hide from the rain. Although this scene was a bit funny, watching people lazily chatting and dining around the candlelight, feeling especially relaxed and cozy, as if they forgot that there was a wedding, this rain is also a blessing to the newcomer.


The cake was designed by Amelia’s mother and decorated with peony flowers.


After the dinner, everyone sat around and watched the growth MV of the new couple, during which the family members gave toasts in a warm atmosphere.​


北京婚礼纪实摄影 紫云轩茶事 Beijing wedding photographer

The careful groom Kalan also gave the bride a surprise-singing a song that Amilia has always loved, pushing the evening atmosphere to a climax.


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婚礼场地:紫云轩茶事 Green T. House

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