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Alex&Shira你们的爱就是家(中式婚礼及晚宴篇)-健一公馆室外婚礼 北京婚礼摄影

健一公馆室外婚礼 北京婚礼摄影

犹太婚礼篇链接:Alex&Shira你们的爱就是家(犹太婚礼篇)-健一公馆室外婚礼 北京婚礼摄影

Wedding Venue:JE Mansion 健一公馆

Jiao Zi (sedan chair)

Both the groom Alex and the bride Shira are very fond of Chinese traditional culture, so they specially arrange authentic Chinese wedding at their wedding. They not only like the festive atmosphere of a Chinese wedding but also pay more attention to their connotations. In China, “Jiao Zi(sedan chair)” was first called “Jiao Yu”, with the passage of time, people changed this “Jiao Zi” to “Jiao Yu”. In the past, sedan chairs were common in wedding ceremonies. Usually, people will choose red silk embroidered with auspicious patterns as the curtain of the sedan chair. On the wedding day, the bridegroom will bring gifts with the honor guard to marry his bride.


With the music of Hora, a rich Jewish people, the guests immediately started the carnival mode, they surrounded the new people and danced in circles.


The two big families are converging in one after another. Judaism attaches great importance to family and advocates that we should attach importance to the family instead of beauty in marriage. Tamoud said: “Young people, open your eyes to choose your own bride, not only look at the appearance, but also look at the family background, because elegant demeanor is false, beauty is futile.” if you only pay attention to beauty, but not conduct, there will be disloyalty between husband and wife.


The dinner

After a short rest, people went back to the banquet hall and started the dinner.


The reason why men are attracted to women is that God takes ribs from men and makes them into women, so that men want to find their lost things. Jewish Maxim

男人之所以被女人吸引,是因神从男人身上摘取肋骨做成女人,以至男人想要找回自己的失物之故。 ――――犹太格言

Mazel Tov!

The gift

Look at the thank-you card and the return gift sent by the client, and introduce the book of Jewish traditional wedding culture, so as to better understand the cultural connotation embodied in the wedding and the new couple’s understanding of the wedding ceremony.


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