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Alex&Shira你们的爱就是家(犹太婚礼篇)-健一公馆室外婚礼 北京婚礼摄影

健一公馆室外婚礼 北京婚礼摄影

The Couples

“Why do you have a Jewish wedding in China?”


“Because we love China very much, the friends here are just like family members, and there is a sense of home in this wedding ceremony.”


“Then how did you decide to have a wedding in Beijing?”


“The reason is very simple because we like the wedding photos you took for a pair of Baha’is.”


The answer from Alex, the groom, surprised me, not only because well written Mandarin came from the Canadians who have lived in China for many years, but also because the photos of the wedding could have such an impact. As a wedding photographer, it’s undoubtedly a great pleasure. I think it’s the feeling of “home” reflected in the photos that moved them, because bride Shira mentioned many times before the wedding how important family members are to them, what is home, “Your love is home”.


This wedding really can be called a combination of Chinese and western, and it is not just a formality. Every part had a deep meaning. The amount of information is too large, and I will give you details in several parts.



健一公馆室外婚礼 北京婚礼摄影


According to Judaism, signing a marriage contract is one of the oldest traditions in Jewish weddings, dating back 2000 years. Now, the marriage contract embodies the equality of the bride and groom and represents the commitment to each other. Its existence is not only a legal document but also a spiritual contract. In order to make the two people cherish and support each other, and create a loving family together. Their marriage contract is a work of art designed and produced by Diane pally, a Jewish artist who specializes in Chinese paper-cut art. The marriage book is rich in the images of life, fertility, vitality and good luck expressed by Chinese and Jewish people and the verses in the Old Testament song. In the middle is a life tree surrounded by symbolic plants and animals. Therefore, the theme of the marriage book is “LIANLI tree”, which means that as a couple, we will share a private, natural and public world.

依照犹太教的规定,签订婚姻契约书是犹太婚礼中最古老的传统之一,最早可追溯到两千年前。现在,婚姻契约书体现了新娘和新郎的平等,代表对彼此的承诺,它的存在不仅是一纸法律文书,更是一种精神契约,为了让两人相互珍惜,相互扶持,一同创造一个充满爱的家庭。他们的婚姻契约书是由一个擅长中国剪纸艺术的犹太艺术家Diane Pally设计制作的一件艺术品。婚书中富含中国和犹太民族中表达生活、生育、活力和好运的形象以及旧约雅歌中的诗句,在中间是由具有象征意义的植物和动物环绕的生命树,所以婚约书的主题为“连理树”,寓意作为一对夫妇,我们将共有私人、自然和公共的世界。

Before the wedding ceremony, the new couple signed the marriage contract in the presence of all the guests.


Before signing, Alex and Shira carefully practiced on the white paper. Like the child who just learned to write, they were more careful when signing, for fear of writing badly and leaving regrets. The room was dark and quiet. People’s expressions were so solemn that the shutter sound of the camera was a little harsh.


Then Shira’s sister helped her put on her headdress.


健一公馆室外婚礼 北京婚礼摄影

婚礼华盖 (Chuppah)

The Jewish wedding ceremony is held under the wedding canopy, which symbolizes the family that the new couple will establish and share. The support of Huagai symbolizes the love and encouragement of family and family to new people. There is no wall around the wedding Huagai. The symbolic new people open their doors to welcome all family members and friends to their new home.


入场仪式 Entrance ceremony

This is a Jewish custom. The two new people will be led by their immediate relatives through the ritual channel, which means to lay a flat road for the happy marriage life of the new people with their love and support. When new people are walking, their parents will accompany their children. This tradition explains that marriage is not only a combination of individuals, but also a combination of two families. It also witnesses that parents’ dreams and efforts are for the happiness of their children.


绕身礼 (Hakafot)

Just as Joshua walked around Jericho’s walls seven times, when the bride and groom walked seven times, it was like breaking all the remaining barriers in their hearts and combining their souls. New people choose to walk around each other for three times, and then walk together for the seventh circle, which symbolizes the combination of life, and also makes a new definition for the new family life.


祈福式 (Kiddush)

In Jewish life, this is a very sacred ceremony, usually in the form of wine and prayer. The bride and groom drink the same glass of wine, which means that in this life, we will share and experience the joys and sorrows of life together.


The parents surrounded the couple with a shawl, a gift from Shira’s parents at the 13-year-old adult ceremony. On that day, they gave Shira blessings: abide by the law, get true love, and do more good deeds.

双方父母用一条披肩(Jewish tallit)将新人包围住,这条披肩是Shira在成人礼(13岁)时父母送给她的一份礼物。在那一天,他们为Shira送上祝福:遵纪守法,得到真爱,多行善举。

Mazel Tov!

接下来我会在另一篇文章中介绍更精彩的中式婚礼仪式 晚宴和after party!

Wedding Venue:JE Mansion 健一公馆

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